About Us

United Gulf Properties (UGP) is a full service real estate solutions business based in Abu Dhabi which is a part of the leading conglomerate Murabahat Real Estate Solutions with its HQ in Kuwait. Since its birth back in 2007, UGP was initiated to serve the GCC region and started its operations in KSA, UAE and Kuwait making it truly redeem its name – United Gulf Properties. UGP’s success reflected exponentially and spread its operations to Turkey, Bosnia and United Kingdom covering the Europe, The Middle East & Africa region. UGP has since then, maintained the position of being a premier provider of full-service residential and commercial real estate solutions based on Islamic Sharia legislation.


Team UGP consists of some of the best real estate consultants and top management, who are GCC’s most productive and experienced real estate sales force. Through their efforts, they’ve made it possible to say that UGP is one of the most successful real estate business which has comprehensive solutions to offer under its wings.


Customer service has always been a foundation that drives everyone around UGP and has been the cornerstone for its success. The number of high end portfolio and clients that UGP has acquired in all these years, is a testament to our focus on customer needs, ability to deliver on schedule and most importantly maintain a strong customer relations.


Our portfolio consists of several commercial and residential buildings covering national and international markets out of which, some of them are owned and operated by UGP – Murabahat Real Estate Solutions, which gives us the leading edge in the real estate market making us a pure real estate business.


In other words UGP is an organization built on customers’ visions and dreams and the undying quench of fulfilling these dreams to the most realistic extent.



The combined experience of our team of local real estate professionals is second to none. We have a thorough understanding of the real estate industry and Landmarks region property market.


Track Record:

Our team of highly-skilled sales agents are among the top achievers in the industry and consistently sell more properties in the Landmarks region than any other agents.



We are constantly working to maintain an extensive database of buyers that allows us to immediately target individuals whose requirements match your property. Our team work together daily to ensure our database is kept accurate and up to date. This extensive network means we are often able to find a buyer for your property without even having to take it to market. We have developed a strong loyal client base created on referral business. Our clients love us, and come back again and again.


Local Knowledge:

We’re leading experts on the Landmarks region prestige market and local market trends, and maintain up-to-the-minute knowledge through regular communication with previous and active buyers. We also personally inspect many of the local properties on the market. Our team of professionals have extensive local knowledge and are proud to be locally based, offering that community connection others lack.



We build personal relationships with our clients and keep open lines of communication. Two of our core values, at the heart of everything we do, are honesty and transparency. The principals of our business strongly believe in every client having direct access to them, should they wish to discuss any matter in relation to their property. We also keep our clients informed on how the market is responding to their property through updates, weekly meetings and written reports.



We are at the forefront of high impact, wide-reaching marketing. We are a step ahead of the competition with our own in-house marketing department (photographer, videographer and house plan artist are outsourced) and graphic designer who work hard to ensure your property gains the best possible exposure. Our marketing team maintain strong relationships with the local paper, giving us more editorial coverage and priority positioning within the paper than any of our competitors.