Moving into a New House? Prepare this Checklist

Posted On Feb 16, 2018

If you’re thinking of moving into a new house, then you need to get prepared in order not to face any obstacles regarding the moving processes.

UGP presents these 10 steps that you need to bear in mind before moving.

Moving into a New House Checklist:

  1. First of all, write down your to-do list and stick to it,
  2. Stick a label on every box that describes its contents,
  3. Before the moving day, clean the new apartment neatly and if it was located in another city, then you can clean up the same day of moving just before unpacking your utilities,
  4. Make a drawn layout of the new home sketching on it how would you arrange the furniture,
  5. Make a plan for the “unpacking” process as it’s the step that takes the most time of the moving,
  6. While packing make a paramount box that contains all the essential stuff for keeping the home running and start the unpacking with that box,
  7. Never throw the receipts of the moving process until the end of the moving so you can define your moving expenses,
  8. It’d be great to unpack the lovely things that will make the home feel familiar, like hanging the family photos, arranging the houseplants, the flowers’ vases, etc as such things will increase your enthusiasm to keep unpacking and arranging things,
  9. One of the things that must be done on the first day is making up the beds, after the moving and unpacking stuff you’ll need to take a rest in order to be able to continue unpacking the next day,
  10. The bathroom also must be ready as you’ll no doubt be in a deep need of taking a hot shower for recovering your energy.

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