Residential Properties VS Commercial Properties

Posted On Feb 20, 2018

Real estate Investment is one of the safest ways of investment as we tackled before the pros of investing in the United Arab Emirates Real Estate Market. However, investors might get confused while deciding whether they should invest in residential or commercial properties.

So, in the following few lines, UGP is going to tackle in details the pros and cons of each:

Firstly, Residential Properties:


It’s a continuous and secured investment as residential properties are considered as desired assets that people always search for. So, even in the economic crisis people will still search for a place to live in.

Also, selling or leasing residential properties isn’t as hard as commercial properties and doesn’t require the same time and effort.


Tenants might harm your property before leaving it plus they may not leave it at the agreed time.

In addition, dealing with tenants causes a headache as they usually get late in paying the rental monthly fees.

Secondly, Commercial Properties:


For commercial properties, you can simply hire a property management company to deal with tenants regarding collecting the monthly fees, the contract and such things.

Moreover, you as the property owner are not responsible for paying the maintenance fees and so on.

You can also acquire a long-term contract for your property.


Due to economic crises, tenants may be forced to leave the property before the ending of the contract and for sorrow, you might be exposed to not find another tenant for a while.

You will also need a lot of money to start investing in commercial properties.

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