Tenancy Contract: What to Consider While Renewing it?

Posted On Feb 27, 2018

As it’s not easy to find the apartment that suits you and feel like a home. So, when finding it you need to make sure that you’ll not face any obstacles in the future regarding it.

Here, UGP will tackle the things you need to bear in mind while renewing the Tenancy Contract in UAE.

  • The Rent Increases:

No matter how much you love the place you’re renting, the rent increases may affect your whole financial status. So, as a tenant, you have the right to be informed of any changes in the in the Tenancy Contract three months in advance according to the rental law governing in UAE and during this period you can take your decision whether you’ll be able to afford the rent increases or look for another suitable apartment.

  • The Lease Terms Changes:

While renewing your Tenant Contract take a look at the lease terms and make sure that there are not any changes in it, and if there were any changes, you need to be sure that it would suit you.

Such changes may include: not allowing pets.

  • Is it Really Suits You?

After a while from renting the property, you may find out that it’s not really the one for you for being so far from your work or for not getting enough sun, etc. So, before renewing the Tenancy Contract reconsider your decision whether you better stay in that apartment or look for another one.

To Sum Up..

People often renew their Tenancy Contract without paying attention to changes in its terms. So, we’re here to make things easier.

United Gulf Properties will guide you to take the right decision and find the home that looks totally like you.