Short-term vs Long-term Rental in UAE

Posted On Mar 05, 2018

If you’re looking for renting a property in Dubai you’ll face the dilemma of choosing between short-term vs long-term rental.

So, to solve the mystery, UGP will present the pros and cons of each:

First, the Short-term Rental


  • It represents a warm home for those who will not stay for a long period in the city,
  • The fees for short-term properties rental are cheaper than the hotels,
  • There is a flexibility in such type of renting as you can easily move to another property,
  • There are no overhead costs or utility bills,
  • The short-term rental properties are always ready to move in.
  • These properties are usually furnished,


  • The prices of short-term rental properties are higher than the long-term ones,
  • There are limited options for such properties,
  • Staying in these properties lacks stability as you’re subject to a rise in the rent or any changes the landlord may need to apply anytime,

Second, the Long-term Rental


  • Rents locked in for a year,
  • Stability,
  • You can customize or apply changes in your rental apartment “with the landlord confirmation”,


  • There is no flexibility,
  • You’ll pay additional “overhead costs” such as utility bills, furnishing costs, etc,
  • These properties are not ready to move in,
  • These properties are usually unfurnished,

To sum up..

To choose the rental term that suits you, you need to be aware of the pros and cons of each, define your needs, then search for the suitable property by the aid of a trusted company such as United Gulf Properties.