Landlord Rights in Dubai Never Hide these 4 Secrets

Posted On Apr 18, 2018

According to Real Estate Regulatory Authority “RERA” in Dubai, you as a tenant ought to adhere to the Landlord Rights, tenancy law and your tenancy contract. As breaking these rules may object you to an eviction. However, these secrets are tempting to hide but will surely object you to great problems.

So, in order to keep the Landlord Rights, never hide these secrets from them:

Keeping Furry Friends (Pets) in the Property:

If you’re a pet lover, things should be clear since the very first beginning. So, let your landlord be aware if you’re letting any of your beloved kind of pets live with you. Also, it'd be better to let your real estate agent search for a property that is a (Pets-Allowed) one. However, if at any time you decided to adopt a pet you better let your landlord know first in order keep the Landlord Rights.

Inviting a Roommate or Subletting the Property:

Renting a property in Dubai is one of the things that will make your friends call you asking if they can stay with you for a while, or maybe you will think of subletting your property for the time you're traveling or something. Well, those are things that you have to let your landlord know about. Furthermore, you need a written permission from your landlord that you’re allowed to sublet the property.

Maintenance Issues:

If one of the home fixtures break or unexpectedly stop working, don’t panic and never try to fix it yourself as you may cause a bigger problem and get hurt. So, this is one of the secrets that should never be hidden from the landlord for keeping the Landlord Rights. Thus, whenever you face such issue immediately let them know.

The Lost Keys:

Never ever change the door locks without your landlord permission. So, if, by any chance, you have lost your keys let them know and you’d probably have to pay for the locks change. But, the fees will be minimal and -to be honest- to pay is better than exposing yourself to danger.

To Keep the Landlord Rights. Above, 4 Secrets Provided By UGP that You Should Never Hide from Your Landlord.