Sultan Suites

Murabahat Real Estate Solutions owns some luxury hotel suites in nef Ataköy in the European side of Istanbul by PEKER GRUP Real Estate company. Nef Ataköy is being built on 20,000 sqm piece of land. Nef Ataköy it has residential buildings, business buildings, home office buildings and a huge open-air shopping mall that hosts more than 150,000 visitors a day. These suites named as the “Sultan’s Suites” due to a totally new concept of luxury that offers you more than you expect through the concept 254one, this new concept is the first of its kind in the global real estate community, which converts your suite to a palace containing suites surrounding your suite, to feel like sultan. All designs and equipments of suites are carefully provided by international modern designers and specialists, whom have shiny and famous in their respective fields. Location Sultan’s Suites is located near the Ataturk International Airport and next to the CNR Expo Center. The subway stop and the Metrobus Station are within walking distance. Facilities and Services : A Murabahat discovery, 254one, is being utilized by Murabahat for the first time in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA). With the 254one system, you will be able to have all rooms and facilities you dreamed but had no space for, such as; a music room, play station room, or private cinema while allowing you to escape their costs the moment you no longer want them. One of the most important features of 254one concept, which is completely different from the typical recreational facilities or areas which we are accustomed to and which offer a fully personalized space, is its use-pay system. Namely, an unused space in an apartment is not charged with a separate price and is not added to apartment service charges. Individual PassCards are used to access 254one suites and, using the use-pay system, residents may use their areas as they would their own private space. 254one is specially designed in every case after an analysis of the needs and expectations of the target users. The architectural approach of the 254one system allows the features of a range of different activities, which could not fit a in normal home or even a typical recreational facility. Rooms and Suites: Incorporating a shopping mall and 18-floor residential and office buildings, the project consists of 6 blocks. Together with apartments possessing sea views from the 6th floor upwards, there are also apartments with a view of the airport. The apartments vary between 45 and 175 m², featuring 1+1, 2+1 and 3+1 alternatives.