Buying or selling a home involves a number of important considerations. These include your emotional wants, practical needs and financial position. Acquiring some background knowledge, as well as thinking carefully about and deciding upon, what you want, need and can commit to, will help to avoid potential disappointments or costly mistakes.


To make the right choices you will need to obtain up to date information on the market value of your home, how the buying and selling process operates, what products and services are available and from whom, as well as understand the terms, conditions and obligations of contracts you are entering into.


For advice contact our sales office on 026777377. At this time please advise our receptionist your address, if we already manage your property or if you have already had past dealings with one of our agents.


Top Selling Tips

  • Tip 1: Familiarize yourself on market value

Gain an idea of the market value of your home by searching the internet and reading newspapers for current price listings and recent sale results. Speak with one of our expert sales staff to learn more about how the buying and selling process works.

  • Tip 2: Explore options

Explore your options regarding products and services available. Various businesses and industries can be involved in buying or selling a home. These range not only from real estate agents and financial institutions but to solicitors and conveyancers, tradespeople and revivalists. Do some research and shop around for value and a deal that suits your needs. Any information required can be found on agency websites or through a simple phone call.

  • Tip 3: Read and understand

This is especially important with signing contracts. If in doubt about any terms, conditions or the fine print of a contract, ask questions. Additionally, you may encounter a variety of contracts such as agency agreements, contract notes, a contract of sale of real estate or an authority to sell. You will need to comprehend everything you are committing to, both written and verbal. Remember to have any verbal agreement put into writing and if you’re still unsure about anything being signed, wait until further professional advice can be obtained.

  • Tip 4: Negotiate

Finally, buying or selling a home involves your hard earned money. To maximize your profit, take the time to negotiate terms and conditions with the various concerned parties and make decisions that leave you satisfied and happy. Many establishments want your business. Doing a little homework on all of the above will leave you feeling confident you’ve made the right choices, found the right people and are dealing with the best agent to help you through the entire buying and selling process.